Our 6 Can't Miss Sessions at MRC Las Vegas 2017

It is no secret that fraud remained one of the top concerns for merchants around the world in 2016. Identity theft, card-not-present fraud, false declines, and chargebacks, are just a few of the top-of-mind issues payments and fraud professionals are tracking even more carefully in 2017. The MRC community is as committed as ever to make commerce safe, by working with merchants to improve organizational risk management practices. In pursue of this goal, the Merchant Risk Council is hosting their annual conference in Las Vegas in just a few weeks. To help you navigate the conference agenda (and save you some time), we’ve put together a list of the six can’t miss sessions at the event. 
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Topics: Merchant Risk, Conferences, Fraud Prevention, Payments

How not to onboard fraudulent customers - Minimizing onboarding risks with KYC and Fraud Prevention

You can have an amazing product or service, but without customers your offering won’t survive. In order to have access to your offering, new customers must be onboarded. To make sure you have the right customers, their information needs to be validated. However, the more tests you have to validate customers, the higher the likelihood of customer abandonment - a.k.a. quitting the onboarding process before they’re finished.

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Topics: Know Your Customer, Fraud Prevention, identity fraud, onboarding, risk management

Integrated Document Verification for Customer On-boarding

The ability to add new customers online while protecting your business from fraud and meeting regulatory requirements is both a necessity and a competitive advantage to any company providing financial services. Traditional financial institutions, remitters, and FinTech companies on-board clients online; especially considering that globalization allows all companies to expand their client base, foregoing the geographical and brick and mortar boundaries that once upon a time constrained your business from growing. Document verification is fundamental to address the identity verification requirements to serve millennials, foreign nationals, foreigners, etc.

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Topics: Know Your Customer, regtech, identity fraud, ID Verification, document verification

RegTech is hard - But nothing worth getting was ever easy

Following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, regulators and policymakers set out to prevent future similar financial crashes. The initiative, however necessary and noble, had unintended consequences, exponentially increasing the compliance burden of financial institutions, increasing the industry requirements and making it difficult for it to serve consumers as intended. Enter Regulatory Technology or RegTech.

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Workforce Diversity – A Key to Succeed in FinTech

FinTech is all about solving financial services problems in new ways. Some of these problems may be about providing access to financial services to groups in which banks have previously shown little interest. Or maybe it is about taking a typically clunky loan process and simplifying it to the point where customers can be instantly approved while sitting in their favorite chair at home. Or maybe it is about moving financial services to a more convenient place like an app on a mobile phone.

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A Fraud Carol: The Modern Holiday Shopping Tale

Aaah the holidays, a time of cheer, goodwill towards men, and credit-card fraud - 'Tis the season to be diligent.

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A Real Digital Identity: a patent years in the making

Two weeks ago we were granted a patent in our core technology, Electronic DNA™, eDNA™ for short, the engine behind the creation of Trusted Digital Identities. We are thrilled!

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Topics: Trusted Digital Identities (TDI™), eDNA

IMTC World 2016 - Five Can't Miss Sessions

This week is a pivotal one for US remitters. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has said the country of Mexico will fund the $5B-$10B cost of a 'border wall' or he will use the USA PATRIOT Act to halt all US remittances to Mexico. Mexico is the largest beneficiary of US remittances, receiving $24B or slightly more than 18% of all remittances sent from the United States.

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Top 7 Money 2020 Sessions – Because 5 are too few and 10 are too many!

Money 2020 in Las Vegas brings you 10,000 participants from over 75 countries, 500 speakers, and 3000+ companies.  By bringing in disruptors and innovators across financial services, payments, and e-commerce, Money 2020 promises to deliver some of the most productive days on the industry calendar.

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Can’t Miss Sessions – LendIt Europe 2016 Edition

This year, LendIt Europe brings together some of the most important people and largest companies in the space. There are over 150 speakers from 25 countries representing banks, online lenders, P2P lenders, law firms, and media. Of all of the sessions, listed below are the ones we found most interesting.

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