IdentityMind Platform Release v1.36: What's New

The latest release of the IdentityMind platform, version 1.36, is out. This release strengthens verification capabilities for merchant onboarding, allows more granular geographic blocking and continues to build the AML UI.

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KYC Compliance for ICOs Made Easier

Risk and Compliance can look complicated from the point of view of an ICO-issuer.

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IdentityMind Platform Release v1.35: What's New

The latest release of the IdentityMind platform, version 1.35, is out. In this release, we’ve continued to broaden the range of widgets offered, new AML capabilities, fine-tuned email security testing, and added a range of document verification improvements through our integration with Mitek.

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Topics: Platform Features and Updates, Transaction Monitoring, Document Verification, KYC, product

Kill Excel: Better Compliance Efficiency Through Regtech

Your company expanding is exciting, growing your client base is very exciting, but if you are the compliance officer or a compliance agent managing this growth in Excel spreadsheets, that excitement might be mixed in with worry and trepidation. After all, those spreadsheets can lead to fines from regulators.

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IdentityMind Global Highlights 2017 Year of Rapid Growth 

The start of a new year is a time of reflection while executing on a business strategy for the year ahead. By all accounts, 2017 was a banner year for IdentityMind Global, highlighted by the marketplace's rapidly growing adoption of our digital identity-based compliance, risk management, and fraud prevention platform and product solutions.  

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IdentityMind Platform Release v1.34: What's New

Building a product that makes a meaningful difference for our customers is what brings us into the office every day. And, of course releasing our work gets us even more jazzed. Our latest release of the IdentityMind platform (v1.34) is out. It introduces new features to facilitate smoother money-laundering detection and identity proofing.

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IdentityMind's 10 Predictions for 2018 - KYC, AML, ICOs, GDPR and More

2017 has been a year of rapid growth, momentum and industry recognition for us. Regtech has taken off full force and digital identities have moved beyond a "what are those?" response to "...tell me how they can improve on our current system". We’ll have more to say about that in a follow-on blog in the New Year. However, to help you get ready for the new year, we have 10 Predictions for 2018 across a variety of topics including know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), initial coin offerings (ICOs), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and more.

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Online Marketplaces - How to Detect and Prevent Collusion and Money Laundering

P2P companies and online retailers have found success in marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers. Whether for e-commerce, loans, ride sharing, or housing, marketplaces are reducing inefficiencies by both increasing supply and reducing costs.

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Topics: Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Prevention

IdentityMind Global CEO Garrett Gafke in Forbe’s Finance Council’s Community Voice on “Why the Shared Economy Demands Digital Identities”

We’ve all participated in the shared economy.  Who hasn’t shared a ride via Uber or Lyft or rented private accommodations via Airbnb?

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Online Marketplaces - How to Stop Fraud

Online retailers have found that in addition to selling products, letting third party vendors sell on their platform has enabled them to grow by leaps and bounds. For example, Amazon has 2 million third-party sellers and over 50% of all items sold are through them. The benefits to online retailers for having third-party vendors include:

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